October 6, 2022


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“Mystery and the Poetic Form” (by Janet Hutchings)

Of all the many forms of mystery and crime story that EQMM has published over the past eighty-one years, the story in verse is the rarest. And it’s not because poets don’t write mystery stories (and vice versa). EQMM’s founder, Frederic Dannay (half of the Ellery Queen writing team) was

Homecoming by Eric Dawson

Three spacefarers embark on a rescue mission to a newly discovered mineral-rich planet that harbors a dangerous secret; by Eric Dawson.

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From far away, the ship looks like the silver-gray carapace of a beetle, somehow discarded and floating in the


_______  ARE YOU AWARE OF YOUR “BLIND SIDE” Learning from Fables By Vikram Karve _______  You must have heard of an Aesop’s Fable called: “The One-Eyed Doe”. Once upon a time – there was a doe (female deer). The doe had lost one of her eyes. Therefore – she could not see anything on

JOSE JAIME PEREZ: Awakened by a Stranger

The train was decreasing its speed and I looked up. There she was, peacefully looking through the window, the only soul in the coach who was not staring restlessly at her device, the only one smiling, too. Slower and slower. “Thank you,” I whispered to her as I stepped out.